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  • “I am very happy with the consignment service and shopping at the Purple Turtle.  I am fairly paid for my items and the traffic is high so my items are sold quickly."  --Dorothy A.

  • "For over three years I have taken my items to be sold at the Purple Turtle.  I have been well paid for my items.  The staff is very helpful and I would recommend the Purple Turtle to everyone."  --Ashley Z.

  • "I love the service and how well trained the staff is at explaining the consignment contract and how well defined the terms are...  The Purple Turtle carries quality name brand items, making it enjoyable to shop and bring my friends.  Thank you Purple Turtle Consignment Boutique for your continued service."  --Lois R.

  • "I have enjoyed consigning and shopping at the Purple Turtle for over a year.  I am treated fair with my consignment items, the staff is very helpful and I always recommend them to people I know."--Heather C.

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